Science Fiction Box - Hard Surface
Stanislaw malc sci fi box unreal front

Unreal Engine 4 Render - Front

Stanislaw malc artstation render files22

Unreal Engine 4 Render - Back

Bevel Shader Normal Map Baking Tutorial - Inside Blender 2.8 for Unreal Engine or Substance Painter

Sci FI Box Sketchfab View

First fully completed asset for my Sci Fi modular kit.

This time I changed my pipleline for creation assets, for time cut I started to use Bevel Shader. Thanks to this shader I don't need to make high poly mesh all the time, earlier I always done everything by subdivision surface modeling.

You can see in action normal map baking with bevel shader inside Blender in my quick tutorial.

This box have 2.5 K triangles, and 4K PBR textures made in Substance Painter.