Cold Star Short animation - Science Fiction Coriidor (Unreal Engine 4)

Science Fiction Teaser - Unreal Engine Environmental Cinematic

Stanislaw malc highresscreenshot00016

All renders comes directly from Unreal Engine 4 without any postprocessing in Photoshop

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Assets Overview (33 static meshes, 13 Materials, 10 custom decals, 5 new shaders, custom space skybox)

Worn off space helmet made for this project

Here you can see how I made the star shader.

Stanislaw malc coldstarshader

Cold Star Shader Graph

Stanislaw malc highresscreenshot00034

Cold Star Shader

Stanislaw malc highresscreenshot00024

Black Hole Shader

360 View (4096 px x 2048 px) Lack of some elements of post processing from UE4

360 View (4096 px x 2048 px)

Stanislaw malc highresscreenshot00013

Thanks for watching!

It took me about two months of work to create this project in my free time.

I was inspired by games like Alien Isolation and Mass Effect. When recording an ambient track, I tried to keep the atmosphere of science fiction and horror.

Most assets were made in Low Poly technique after which I burned normal maps with Bevel Shader. The exceptions are: the big wide window was done with the help of the Face-Weighted Normals technique (used in Alien Isolation), and the asteroid was sculpted in Blender and after retopology burned in Substance Painter.

List of elements: 33 static meshes, 13 Materials, 10 custom decals, 5 new shaders, custom space skybox, ambient track.

All Corridor assets have very small amounts of triangles, from 35 to 2k - for more complex shapes.
Other meshes like astro helmet - 5k, wide window - 2.7k, Box - 2.5k triangules. Only big asteroid triangule count is 8k (4 LODs prepared last is only 240 triss)

You can watch my tutorial how I programmed sun shader below.