UFO - retro ship interior scene

UFO - show room scene

Alien Jet Computer

Alien Disintegrator - Gun

Stanislaw malc alien mini 7
Stanislaw malc alien mini 3

Light Baking in Blender Cycles

Stanislaw malc alien blaster mini 4

Alien Blaster PBR textures metalness

Stanislaw malc alien jet comp mini 1

Alien Computer PBR textures metalness

UFO - retro ship interior scene

All meshes were made in Blender and textured in Substance Painter. Some textures I took from poliigon. This is second time I made simple animations for scene in Blender.

Polycount: Jet Computer 9.4k Triangles,
Alien Blaster 41k Triangles.

Ship interior was Baked with better shadows and more realistic lights in Blender Cycles. I mixed materials for more shiny effect.

Inspiration for scene came from games like Destroy All Humans, or Fallout 3 DLC Mothership Zeta, or movie series like old Star Trek.

Sound effects are from youtube channel Creatorstore