Fallout Cascadia - Soda Bottles for Cascadia

Fallout Cascadia - Sarge Soda Bottle Classic

Fallout Cascadia - Sarge Fusion Second Version

Fallout Cascadia - Sarge Fusion

Fallout Cascadia - Nuka Cola - Cascadia Edition

Stanislaw malc sarge bottle

Concept Art

Stanislaw malc sarge2


Fallout Cascadia - Soda Bottles for Cascadia

Sarge's are made by me for Fallout Cascadia Project. Made with Modo and Substance Painter.

Nuka-Cola one made in colaboration with Trevor Bixler, who made bottle sculpture. I prepared normal maps and texture it in Substance Painter

Go check out Fallout: Cascadia at: http://www.falloutcascadia.com/ and Cascadia Community Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/FalloutCascadia