NOIRE Interrogation Room

NOIRE Interrogation Room - Diorama - with music

Old Retro Tape Recorder

Stanislaw malc tape recorder mini 10
Stanislaw malc tape recorder mini 8
Stanislaw malc tape recorder mini 3

Tape Recorder PBR textures

NOIRE Interrogation Room

This time I was inspired by movie Se7en, I had to do something in the style of noire and one scene had such a frame that I recreated here. Of course, apart from the movie, I was inspired by the game L.A. Noire. And from there is music, the song is called Noire Clarinet from the soundtrack of the game.
Polycount: Tape Recorder12.7k Triangles.
I baked both rooms in Blender Cycles. Tape recorder was textured in Substance Painter. All mesh made in Blender.

Noire Clarinet - L.A. Noire :–Hggsc